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This is the temporary webpage of the Concordia University Department of Psychology

Cognitive Science Area Graduate Seminars - PSYC 645 & PSYC 845.


Here's what the Graduate catalog says about PSYC 645 (former 670) - Cognitive Area Graduate Seminar I:

"A seminar in which current research of faculty and students in cognitive science is presented and discussed."

Here's what the Graduate catalog says about PSYC 845 - Cognitive Area Graduate Seminar II:

"A seminar in which current research of faculty and students working in cognitive science is presented and discussed."

And here's what "we" say about the seminar:

We aim to review/understand some of the fundamental concepts that constitute the field of cognitive science--whether they are part of core concepts or whether they are more specific to a particular theoretical or empirical area of research. The seminars will be lead by one or a few students--with faculty support. The readings will be selected from a pool of articles suggested by the attendants. Discussion will be rather informal (i.e., no lecture-style PowerPoint presentations are necessary), and in a very collegial atmosphere. Other details are given below (see Announcements for up-to-date information).

Meetings ^

Fall 2005 meetings :

Winter 2006 meetings :

Fall 2006 meetings: (TENTATIVE)

Spring 2007 meetings:

Readings ^

Here are some of the readings suggested so far, in no particular order. Feel free to "vote" on one of these or to suggest some others (via e-mail).

Chomsky, N. (1957). Syntactic Structures. The Hague: Mouton. [Chapters 1-3, Chapter 4]

Chomsky, N. (1957). Review of B. F. Skinner's 'Verbal Behavior'. Language. (idem)

Chomsky, N. (2000). New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. (Any chapter; here's Chapter 1).

Fodor, J. A. & Pylyshyn, Z. W. (1988). Connectionism and cognitive architecture: A critical analysis. Cognition, 28, 3-71.

Glucksberg, S. & Haught, C. (2006) On the relation between metaphor and simile: when comparison fails. Mind and Language, 21, 360-378.

Hochstein, S. & Ahissar, M.(2002). View from the top: Hierarchies and reverse hierarchies in the visual system. Neuron, 36, 791-804

MacLeod, C.M., Dodd, M.D., Sheard, E.D., Wilson, D.E., & Bibi, U. (2003). In opposition to inhibition. To appear in B. H. Ross (Ed.), The Psychology of Learning and Motivation, vol. 43 (pp. 163-214). Elsevier Science.

Newell, A. (1973). You can't play 20 Questions with nature and win. In W. G. Chase (Ed.). Visual Information Processing (pp. 283-308). New York, Academic Press.

Olshausen, B. A. & Field, D. J. (2000). Vision and the coding of natural images. American Scientist, 88, 238-245.

Park, D.C., Polk, T.A., Mikels, J.A., Taylor, S.F., & Marshuetz, C. (2001). Cerebral aging: integration of brain and behavioral models of cognitive function. Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience, 3, 151-165.

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