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Aaron Johnson

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Associate Professor
PhD, Glasgow

Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2241
E-mail: aaron.johnson@concordia.ca

Concordia Vision Lab

My research studies visual perception, focusing on how we view images of real world scenes (also termed natural scenes), and the factors that influence eye movements. By using photographs and video of natural scenes, my aim is to isolate what properties of an image do we use to recognize and classify the type of scene we are viewing, and how do changes in these properties alter our perception of the image. This research employed traditional techniques such as psychophysics and eye tracking, as well as new techniques such as computational neuroscience, gaze-contingent stimuli modifications, and augmented virtual reality. More recently, my research has also focused on how various visual (e.g. macular degeneration), cognitive disorders (e.g. mild-traumatic brain injury / concussion), and the loss of other senses (e.g. hearing loss) effect the visual system, and in particular, eye movements. This research is funded by NSERC and CIHR.

Selected Publications

  • Johnson, A.P.,Woods-Fry, H., & Wittich, W. (2012) Magnification does not improve performance in an emotion recognition task for patients with age-related macular degeneration. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 12(53); 4386.
  • Ellemberg, D., Hansen, B.C., & Johnson, A.P. (2012) The developing visual system is not optimally sensitive to the spatial statistics of natural images. Vision Research, 67(15): 1-7.
  • Johnson, A. P., Richard, B., Hansen, B.C. & Ellemberg, D. (2011) Center-surround effect in human discrimination of amplitude spectrum slope. Journal of Vision, 11(7): 14, 1-10.
  • Johnson, A.P., & Gurnsey, R. (2010) Size scaling compensates for sensitivity loss produced by a simulated central scotoma in a shape-from-texture task. Journal of Vision, 10(12): 18, 1-16.
  • Johnson A.P., Kingdom F.A.A., Baker, C.L. Jr. (2005) Spatiochromatic first- and second-order properties of natural scenes: First- and second-order information and their correlation structure. Journal of the Optical Society of America A. 22, 2050-2059.


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