Message From the Chair

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Studying Psychology at Concordia offers students a unique opportunity to discover how science brings us closer to a better understanding of human nature.

As you will discover through this website, the Department of Psychology at Concordia offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses and programs. It promotes the scientific study of mental life, both its neurological bases and its manifestations in behaviour, normal and pathological. Through teaching and research, the Department serves the community by furthering knowledge and applying it to promote human welfare. Our graduate clinical program ranks among the best in Canada and is both APA and CPA accredited.

Members of the Department are affiliated with numerous research groups, including two Centres of Excellence (the Centre for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology and the Centre for Resesarch in Human Development), where innovative research is thriving. The commitment of faculty members to research assures that students keep up with current developments in a field that is in constant evolution. Their involvement in community programs keeps students and faculty alike in close touch with the practical application of the discipline.

– Jean-Roch Laurence, Chair


Concordia University