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Students wishing to transfer into Psycholgy must have:

  • completed 24 credits at Concordia
  • a GPA of 3.0 or higher

It is strongly recommended that the applicants have completed the appropriate Biology, Mathematics and Psychology profile courses.

Since the application deadline is May 30th, please wait until you have your grades on your transcript from the winter 2010-2011 semester. Once you have this, please print your transcript, the appropriate form and bring both documents to the Psychology Department.

You may download the necessary forms here:

For a change of concentration from another program (from a BA to a BA or from a BSc to a BSc) into Psychology

For a degree transfer from another faculty into Psychology (from a BA to a BSc or from a BFA to a BA, etc). Please go to: http://registrar.concordia.ca/forms/Form12.pdf 3

To add a Minor in Psychology

For a change of concentration within Psychology:



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