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Behavioural Neuroscience

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A Behavioural Neuroscience option is offered for both the BSc Honours and BSc Specialization programs. This option is designed to provide students with a comprehensive background in psychology, with special emphasis on the physiological and biochemical bases of behaviour. It combines the disciplines of Psychology, Biology, and Chemistry, and offers numerous opportunities for students to conduct research with faculty whose primary interest is in the neurobiology of behaviour.


Honours in Psychology (Behavioural Neuroscience Option): 66 credits

* 33 Core Program

* 6 required credits in Research Experience in Psychology, Statistical Analysis

* 12 elective credits chosen from the areas of Neuropsychology and Neurobiology, such as Drug Dependence, Learning and Memory, Sensation and Perception, and Motivated Behaviour

* 12 required credits in honours seminars and honours thesis

* 3 elective credits in Psychology at the intermediate or advanced level

* 21 required and elective science credits from courses such as Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology of Organisms, Molecular Genetics, Cell Biology, Evolution, Histology, Cell Physiology, Animal Physiology, Medicinal Chemistry, and Hormone Biochemistry

* 3 elective credits in a department other than Psychology (which may count toward the General Education requirements*).


Specialization in Psychology (Behavioural Neuroscience Option): 60 credits

The requirements of this program are the same as those for the BSc Honours program (Behavioural Neuroscience Option), but without research experience in psychology, the honours seminars and the honours thesis. The same 21 science credits are also required (6 of which must be General Education credits*).


*As part of your elective credits taken from other departments, and depending on your specific program of study, six to twelve general education credits are required in order to satisfy your degree requirements.

Note: students who are exempted from Introductory Psychology will replace the 6 credits with a 300-level Psychology course.

Note: Students in programs leading to the BSc degree are reminded that PSYC 320 and PSYC 391-395 do not count as science credits. All other 300- and 400-level Psychology courses count as science credits.

Admission Requirements

Behavioural Neuroscience (BSc - Honours/Specialization) requirements: Minimum cut-off averages, admission statistics and program requirements.


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