Our research focuses on a number of different topics within the broad areas of fear and the anxiety disorders. We are particularly interested in research projects that promote a better understanding of problems and processes associated with the anxiety disorders and/or that contribute to the ongoing development of cognitive-behaviour therapy for anxiety disorders and related problems.

A large portion of work in the lab could easily fall under the broad description of 'experimental psychopathology', in which we manipulate a variety of psychological factors to assess their influence on aspects of fear and anxiety disorders. This research is focused on a number of questions, including understanding how people process different types of information under different emotional states, and understanding how various cognitive and behavioural factors promote the onset and/or maintenance of a variety of anxiety disorders.

Other work in the lab has directly assessed the utility of a variety of treatment components proposed to improve the effectiveness of cognitive-behaviour therapy. We are not a treatment center, but we are interested in producing results that clinical psychologists can use to help their clients and patients who seek an effective treatment for anxiety disorders.

Whether you are someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, a potential participant, a concerned family member, a prospective student or simply someone who is interested in our work, we hope that you find this website useful and informative.

The Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders Laboratory is affiliated with:
Centre for Clinical Research in Health